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Classic Albums Live – Tom Petty

February 24


Broadway Theatre

 715 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon
 (306) 652-6556


“We all miss Tom but a few years from now we’re going to miss him even more. Tom had the touch, the songwriters’ touch, it’s the craft of writing a song that gets the whole world singing along.”

“I doubt they’ll stand the test of time but we’ll be hearing “Refugee” forever. It’s been 40 years since “Damn The Torpedos” was released; the sound of that album reminds me of the 70s. It was a time when punk, disco and new wave were all exploding but ol’ Tom stayed the course and wrote a perfect rock album. When we started learning this album, we were struck with how beautiful the guitars sounded; really silky and graceful. We started out with 2 guitarists and then we added 2 more. We feel it’s the sound of 4 guitars that allows the music to soar. We’re going to pay this album the respect it deserves note for note-cut for cut, and that’s all you need.”



Sutherland Bar