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Classic Albums Live – Sgt. Pepper’s

October 5


Broadway Theatre

 715 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon
 (306) 652-6556


As you know, COVID19 has meant a lot of events slated for spring 2020 were suspended. This event is one of them – and now that it has been rescheduled (YAY!) please know that IF YOU PURCHASED tickets for the original date, they will be valid for the rescheduled date.

ALSO note: if you cannot make the rescheduled date and would like a refund, the Broadway can do that for you. However, our office is currently closed until we get the “all clear” from authorities. So – be patient, we will get at any refunds if applicable, once we reopen for business. Thanks for your support and we’ll see you all on the other side of this unique season

“Joyful! Thrilling!” TORONTO STAR
“No cheesy costumes, no bad impersonations!” CBC
“This is a rock ’n roll recital!” TORONTO SUN
“A must for music lovers!” MACLEAN’S MAGAZINE


sgt. pepper is 50 years old! for many of us, we don’t know a world without it pepper was the album that defined the beatles as being in it for the long game it was as though everyone suddenly came to the realization that the beatles were a big part of the fabric of the 20th century

we all know the hits off the album - “when i’m sixty four”, “a day in the life” and “with a little help from my friends” but upon continual listen - it’s the deep tracks that become more and more compelling george harrison’s “within without you” was like adding a new spice to your diet “being for the benefit of mr. kite!” sounds like you’re taking a trip and “she’s leaving home” brought old and young together and prepared them for change

Classic Albums Live will be honoring the sgt. pepper album with a ‘note for note - cut for cut’ performance featuring 16 of the world’s best musicians every detail of the album will be performed with precision and grace from the sitars and orchestra to the guitars and kazoos, Classic Albums Live will deliver a performance that brings 50 years of Beatles’ excellence to thousands of people who grew up alongside the sgt. pepper masterpiece

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