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Sounds Like, An Audio Festival

October 10


Various Locations

 various locations,


PAVED Arts, Elks Lodge, Thomas Wesley United Church, Remai Modern

Sounds Like 9: Real Sound, October 10-12, and November 1, 2019

Sounds Like is an annual audio festival based in Saskatoon, SK, featuring local and international artists exploring sound-based work.

Sounds Like 9 investigates sound on an indeterminate continuum, from natural and organic to artificial and synthetic. The experimental audio practices of this year’s artists invite us to experience the affective qualities of sounds on this continuum, while the nature of their performances invite us to consider the relationship between what we are seeing and hearing, and how this affects our conception of what is real. At Sounds Like 9, amplified acoustic instruments, sounds originating from within a mixing board, a physically large “long-stringed instrument” and a virtual synthesizer together form a dynamic listening experience that tell a story of the idea of real sound. This year’s artists include Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Sound of the Mountain, Ellen Moffat, Helen Pridmore, Jon Vaughn, Marcus Fischer, Kara-Lis Coverdale and Ellen Fullman. Festival passes cover admission to shows October 10-12, and November 1st.