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Yonatan Gat w/ The Faps

January 23



 801 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon
 (306) 652-5173


Yonatan Gat is a genre all to his own. Over the previous decade, Gat became known as one of the world's top performers as founder and guitarist of Monotonix, hailed by SPIN as "the most exciting live band in rock’n’roll,” with concerts that quite literally destroyed the border between performer and audience, and were controversial enough to get them completely banned from playing their home country of Israel.

Unable to play shows in his home country and refusing to take part in its mandatory military service, Gat relocated to New York City. He began recording and performing as a bandleader, and in 2014 released the Iberian Passage EP, a debut that maintained his signature raw energy while switching the focus away from the shock-performance style of Monotonix to a more ritualistic, improvised, shamanic musical exploration. 2015 brought the genre-bending full-length Director, composed mostly of live improvisations by his trio and field recordings taken by Gat, the record was a mind-melting exploration through many different styles of music, from Brazilian psych and Afrobeat to free jazz, surf, and 20th century avant-garde that garnered rave reviews from the NY Times, Pitchfork and others.

The Faps

Blair Colwell and Skyler Cafferata have been creating music together for years, developing a sound that is both broad and focused. Artistic influences are vast, but collide amongst Nick Cave, Modest Mouse, and Daughters. Their brand of fast, heavy music is rooted in post-punk and indie rock, but flirts with hardcore, blues, jazz, psych, and pop. Often built on quick danceable rhythms and catchy guitar lines, their songs showcase an affinity for experimenting with structure – timings, key changes, or total mood shifts. While this may paint a messy and absurd picture, the vicious guitar-and-drum vessel of The Faps keeps an intriguing sense of familiarity, no matter how wild and erratic the sound becomes. This concept of contrast is a common element in their musical endeavours, always maintaining a balance; beauty versus hideousness, harmony versus dissonance, steadfast yet loose.

Having toured Canada extensively since their inception in July 2012, The Faps are at home on the road and on the stage. Their unconventional punk rock performance has been captivating audiences in clubs, pubs, halls, basements, and even back alleys. As if their raw, high energy sound wasn’t engaging enough, the crowds can’t help but love their honest, witty stage presence – both Cafferata and Colwell truly value connecting on a personal level with fans and have no trouble making everyone in the room feel warm, welcome, and excited.



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