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Year-round Metal Enjoyment

August 18


Broadway Theatre

 715 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon
 (306) 652-6556


Year-round Metal Enjoyment explores the New England origins of North American freight train graffiti by tracing the narratives of the prolific "YME" and "Circle T" graffiti crews. Equal parts underground history lesson and love letter to the trains themselves, this film offers unparalleled access to a growing subculture in the graffiti world.

For more than fifteen years, these individuals have risked the safety and security of their "normal lives”—as fathers, musicians, even scientists—spending night after night applying their names to the sides of freight trains in hopes that each new car will travel vast distances, being seen by other writers across the continent.

Challenged by the illegal nature of their passions, dangerous locales, and the pressures of a society that will not accept or understand them, these artists reveal what drives them to return, time after time, to execute their artwork on a canvas that is forever changing, moving and vanishing into oblivion.

The only feature-length documentary of its kind, Year-round Metal Enjoyment captures the voices, faces and thoughts of artists, railfans and train-workers alike, showcasing the unlikely beauty of the trains and the passion they inspire in those who watch them.



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