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So I Was Stranded on an Island in Southern Nova Scotia…

August 2


The Refinery

 609 Dufferin Avenue, Saskatoon


LAVArt Entertainment

Cast & Crew
Andrew Lopatin (writer/producer/performer/stage manager)

Markham, ON, Canada

The Show
A true story of a traveling musician impressing the world and a daring castaway who fell off of its edge. Performed by the world-famous guitarist and returning Saskatoon Fringe street musician, Andrew Lopatin!

He takes “The Virtuoso Show” to the indoor stages for the first time to tell an autobiography on the series of comically unfortunate events that made up his touring career. A passionate young musician and an avid outdoorsman dead set on bringing his music to the world finds himself in ironically precarious and life-changing survival situations when he decides to “stroll off the beaten path.”

This show is a well-balanced mix of musical performance in a modernized classical technique and an inspiring tale of adventure. Andrew’s fingerstyle guitar performances have been captivating the world for over a decade. Now you can experience his music and hear his story altogether in one show!

Audience: All Ages
Genre/Style: Storytelling, Musical Performance
Warnings: n/a



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