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Mel Malarkey Gets The Bum’s Rush

August 2


Cosmo Senior’s Centre

 614 11th St E, Saskatoon
 (306) 652-9766


Erroneous Productions

Cast & Crew
Charlie Petch (writer and performer)

Toronto, ON, Canada

The Show
It’s the last night at the Vagabond Theatre and Mel can’t bear to tell the audience. She keeps the bawdy acts going and the elixir flowing. In private, she delivers odes and tells stories of her “Vaudeville theatre for the unrefined”. Come see why the Coast called it “The best bet for vaudeville”. Donkeys! The Musical Saw! Gerta The Flirta! The Hurdy Gurdy Dirty Birdies! Don’t be a wet blanket, a killjoy, it’s all jake kittens. Come get the bum’s rush with us. Written & performed by the award winning playwright and spoken word performer Charlie Petch.

Audience: Ages 13+
Genre/Style: Vaudevillian Tragicomedy
Warnings: Sexual Content



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