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Momentum Martial Arts

3322-P Fairlight Drive, Saskatoon
What is Momentum Martial Arts? Momentum Martial Arts is Saskatoon's newest and only Shaolin Kenpo school! Momentum Martial arts is one of only a handful of schools in Canada that teaches Yi-Tsung Shaolin Kenpo, under the tutelage of Master Dave Friedrick, 5th degree black belt. Our goal is to spread the teaching of martial arts using the concepts of discipline, ethics, and self respect. With Momentum Martial Arts you will have the opportunity to build your body and your mind to whatever capacity you would like, whether that be simply to stay fit, challenge yourself in martial arts competition, or defend yourself from harm on the street. Visit our classes page and become a martial artist today! - Kris Kembel Sifu, Lead Instructor Momentum Martial Arts


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