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Gold Canyon a Focus on Fragance

Saskatoon, Saskatoon
Gold Canyon the Only Scented WAX Company being sold in & around Saskatoon that meets the National Candle Association & International Candle Associations Health & Safety Standards. They have the longest burn times and most fragrant on the market without at all being pungent. You will find the largest choice of scents out there, over 130 fragrances. With our cool burning candle, you won’t burn yourself with the wax, that’s right stick your fingers in! Wickless Candles Pod warmers have a timer you can set for safety reasons in case you forget to turn it off. All Jars and Pods are meant to be reused. Pods are great for scrap bookers, jars can be used to store cotton balls in your bathroom, bath salts or beads, arts and craft items.


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