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October 4


Broadway Theatre

 715 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon
 (306) 652-6556


‘TARANGINI’ is an enchanting journey of Odissi dance, which is a major ancient Indian classical dance. The earliest evidence of Odissi dance was found from the Udaygiri and the Khandagiri caves of Bhubaneswar, India, around 1st century B.C. Odissi is traditionally a dance-drama genre of performance art, where the artist(s) use symbolic costumes, body movement, abhinaya (expressions) and mudras (gestures and sign language) to play out the story. Odissi is performed as a composite of basic dance motif called the Bhangas (symmetric body bends, stance). It involves lower (footwork), mid (torso) and upper (hand and head) as three sources of perfecting expression and audience engagement with geometric symmetry and rhythmic musical resonance.

The present concert ‘Taringini’ presents the journey of Odissi from the court of the kings, to the Temples, now on stages, this beautiful saga continues assimilating new ideas and concepts. An endless journey generation after generation...

The concert will be performed by Debamitra Sengupta, internationally acclaimed Odissi exponent, and her team of seven artists from Kolkatta, India. The concert is being presented as part of Canada 150 celebrations.



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