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Kevin McDonald: Comedy writing and performance workshop

April 29


Wanuskewin Heritage Park

 RR # 4, Saskatoon
 (306) 931-6767


Join Kevin McDonald of the Kids in the Hall for a one-day workshop to improve your acting and writing skills and teach you how these work in unison to create great scenes and hilarious comedy. Most importantly - learn the basics of how to write (and perform) a comedy sketch through improvisation.

Kevin will go from group to group, helping and guiding with the "writing" of each scene. Each group will then have the opportunity to present their sketch. After getting notes, revising and presenting the scenes again, the workshop will end with the groups going away and actually finalizing their scenes. The now fully-written scenes will be performed one last time for everyone.

Oh, and if you ask him, there's a good chance Kevin will answer any questions about the Kids in the Hall. You might actually have to ask him to shut up.



Dakota Dunes Golf Links